Computer systems requirement for running eyecore


Eyecore require in order to work :

A linux version of eyecore is in the primary stage of developpement.


configuration CPU System RAM (Mo) video card
minimum Pentium 32 PCI
Recommended Pentium II 200 Mhz 128 AGP
Dreammachine Pentium III 750 Mhz 256 AGP x4


These are available computer input that eyecore handle and let you incorporate to eyecore video generation:

Input type
Required Hard/Software
Avi File *
Real-time Video Capture
Video Capture Card
Real sound capture and FFT analysis
Sound Card
Midi signal
Midi Interface/Sound Card
Joystick manipulation
Joy Interface/Sound Card
Keyboard/Mouse/Trackball manipulation
Serial Interface foreign capture system
Eyecore Serial Com SDK

Supported Graphic files Input/Output

TrueVision's Targa Files *.tga
Portable Network Graphic files* png
Joint Picture Expert Group files jpeg/jfif
Windows Native Bitmap format* bmp
TIFF file format* TIF / TIFF
Paintbrush Files * pcx / dcx

(*)Available in Eye:Core II (spring 2001).