What is Eye:Core ?

Eye:Core is a new software technology that enables instantaneous creation of ever-changing digital video imagery. Sophisticated image synthesis becomes accessible to home artists. Larger than life, faster than realtime, Eye:Core manages to be a fully-featured language while remaining an intuitive toy for the novice.

Real-time image processing

Eye:Core uses Video Game and Demo scene oriented programming technique. Generating hi-resolution (512 x 384 / 640 x 480) images at a nearly-video framerate (30-60 frame per second) makes Eye:Core images seem incredibly 'living'.

Scripting language

Through its programming/scripting language users combine a wide palette of video effects and graphic drawing facilities to create their own video generation system. The possibilities are infinite.

Interaction & connectivity

Eyecore can be controlled throught numerous interface : joystick, mouse, keyboard, midi port, network connection, serial connection.
The programming language let you connect any input signal to any kind of graphic effect.

Potential Eye:Core users

large-scale permanent installations (raves, live shows, karaoke, etc.).
National touring acts:
performers, musicals, circuses.
Performance artists: behavioral-based interactive creations.
low bandwidth-video streaming system (requires Exo:Core plug-in).
Cable access channels: TV graphics filler material.